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Can organic farmers feed the total population?

Tommy, Lynda, Vivian

Tommy Porter and his wife Vicky operate a 900 acre farm near Mt. Pleasant NC in Cabarrus County. They raise cattle, hogs, and chickens and have won numerous environmental and conservation awards for their farm practices.

What about the max capacity an organic farm can produce versus a conventional farm? Can organic foods feed the population in terms of cost and land use collectively?

Tommy Porter: There are projections that the global population will increase by 2.3 billion between now and 2050. This explosive growth is fueled by a growing middle class in China and India, and is going to require the world’s farmers to grow at least 70 percent more food than we now produce.

It is scientifically proven we cannot feed the world growing and raising all foods organically. There are too many pressures from disease, insects and the environment, all of which impact yield and cost.

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