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Not enough food to feed the world, why not go vegetarian?

Tommy, Vivian

Tommy Porter operates a 900 acre farm near Mt. Pleasant NC in Cabarrus County. They raise cattle, hogs, and chickens and have won numerous environmental and conservation awards for their farm practices.

Not enough food to feed the world? Why not encourage people to eat vegetarian – meat uses so much more resources thereby decreasing the amount of food available to people.

Tommy Porter: Even if this was true, meat is by far the best source of protein, making it a vital part of good nutrition and our daily diets. And what about personal preference and consumer choice?

We are fortunate to live in a time and place where consumers have affordable access to safe, nutritious food. Following the above suggestion is not practical and would likely create a whole lot of unintended consequences. I, like most all of North Carolina’s farmers, believe in promoting, not limiting consumer food choice.

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