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NC Egg Farmers add their “Incredible Edible Egg” twist

All of us probably remember the Incredible Edible Egg jingle from our youth. It has been making a come back, and in North Carolina, some of our Egg Farmers have added their own twist.

Check out NC Egg Farmers Alex, John, Scott and Trey:

And be sure to listen for them on these statewide radio stations and programs through March 16th!

WBBB-FM: 96.1
WPLW-FM: 102.3 & 102.5
WPTF-AM: 680 & 850
WKIX-FM: 102.9
WRAL-FM: 101.5
WRDU-FM: 106.1
WKSL-FM: 93.9

WMAG-FM: 99.5
WMKS-FM: 100.3
WPAW-FM: 93.1
WPAW-FM: 93.2

WKQC-FM: 104.7
WNKS-FM: 95.1
WBAV-FM: 101.9
WSOC-FM: 103.7
WSOC-FM: 103.8
WSOC-FM: 103.9
WSOC-FM: 103.10
WSOC-FM: 103.11
WSOC-FM: 103.12

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