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Friday’s Featured Farmer


This week’s Featured Farmer is Channing Gooden!

This week on the farm Channing and his crew are hoping to finish a 3 week long project. They have been working on rebuilding new loading facilities and finishing houses.

Gooden grew up working on his family farm and now manages the day-to-day operation of he and his father’s farm, Gooden Farms. The farm includes 16 swine finishing houses, 150 brood cow operation, corn and hay. Along with his father, Channing co-owns C&D Brooder Farm, a two house brooder farm and Bennett Place Nursery, a four house pig nursery, both contracted with Prestage Farms. Channing has an associate degree in welding. He is a current member of Bladen County Livestock Association serving on their advisory committee and the NC Cattlemen’s Association. As a member of NCPC’s executive committee, Channing serves on the promotions and marketing committee and has recently become an Engage speaker.

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