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#HowToTuesday: 5 Spring Garden Tasks You Can Do Right Now

Photo Courtesy of NC Cooperative ExtensionIn this week’s #HowToTuesday, we wanted to share with our friends that garden five things you can do right now to prepare your spring garden.

• Baby it’s cold outside…and you’ve been using your fireplace – save those ashes and use them on your vegetable garden, bulb beds and non-acid loving plants.
• The first cut is the deepest…prune crossing, dead, or diseased branches from ornamental trees.
• Another one bites the dust…after pruning, apply dormant oil to fruit trees to smother certain overwintering insects.
• Get by with a little help from your friends…at the NC Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services. Send in soil samples from your plant beds and vegetable garden for analysis. The North Carolina Department of Agriculture tests soil for $4 per sample – soil sent in this month will be back in time to plant the garden in the spring – CLICK HERE for specific instructions.
• Just remember in the winter, far beneath the bitter frost, lies the seed that with the sun’s love, in the spring becomes the …. really pretty flower. Spring flowering bulbs can be forced indoors in the dead of winter. Place your bulbs in a closed paper bag inside your refrigerator – making sure to keep away from fruits and vegetables as they can emit ethylene gas and damage the flower developing inside the bulb. Always check your bulb packaging – the length of time needed for chilling varies by type.

These tips and more garden wisdom can be found at the NC Cooperative Extension website. Happy Garden Prepping!

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