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Be A Good Egg, Take A Virtual Farm Tour!

Bowl Full of Eggs

Education Station provides educators with access and resources – this fun feature virtual field trip teaches students about the importance of a protein rich breakfast and how fresh foods get from the farm to their table. Also included are lesson plans, activities, farmer spotlights & more! Be a Good Egg and Register Now for the October 15th, 1pm Field Trip: ... Read More »

Meet the farm family behind Simply Natural Creamery


Ever wonder who the farmers are behind the dairy products you love? Meet Neil Moye from Simply Natural Dairy from Ormondsville, NC and learn about his family dairy and creamery operation and how they care for the cows that help produce the milk and ice cream we all enjoy. Read More »

What do NCSU vets think consumers should know?

NCSU Vet School 2

NCSU College of Veterinary Medicine’s Dr. Barrett D. Slenning discusses his work with farmers and clients up and down the food chain to help them provide what society needs. Learn more about the use of antimicrobials in livestock in this video interview. Read More »

How do NCSU vets help ensure safe milk & foods?


NCSU College of Veterinary Medicine’s Dr. Derek Foster discusses his work with both students and farmers to help ensure the health of all livestock, making sure they are producing safe and wholesome milk and foods. Check out this interview to learn more! Read More »

How To Understand Food Labels While Grocery Shopping


When you are grocery shopping for your family, do you ever get confused with what’s on the labels? Are there terms that make you second-guess what you are purchasing? If so, you are not alone. In an article appearing on the U.S. Farmers & Ranchers Alliance website FoodDialogues.com, farm mom Chris Chinn shares “There are so many food terms out ... Read More »

“The Egg Lady” hits the airwaves!

Egg Lady and David Glen

North Carolina Egg Association’s Jan Kelly, also known as “The Egg Lady,” recently joined sports radio host David Glenn to talk about the differences in white and brown eggs. While in studio, Jan shared tips on how to prepare and pack deviled eggs for your optimal tailgating enjoyment. Click here to listen to “The Egg Lady” interview! Read More »

Are frozen fruits and vegetables less healthy?


Twitter: You discussed in depth the values of fresh produce. Can you speak about the importance of frozen, canned or further processed foods? By Elaine Magee, MPH, RD WebMD Weight Loss Clinic – Expert Column You’re running around your kitchen trying to throw dinner together on a busy weeknight, coordinating what’s simmering on the stove with washing the fruit and ... Read More »

How do farmers use antibiotics with their livestock?

Dr. Sid Thakur, Associate Professor, Population Health and Pathobiology, NC State College of Veterinary Medicine

Being out in the research/outreach field I get asked questions regarding antibiotics in our animals. One farmer answered “you would not want to eat a sick – poultry/beef/swine” Can you give some insight on antibiotics? Animal production? Dr. Thakur: Antimicrobials are used for prophylaxis (disease prevention) and herd health management. Antimicrobials should be and are used judiciously by farmers following ... Read More »

Does the use of antibiotics help animals gain weight?

Dr. Sid Thakur, Associate Professor, Population Health and Pathobiology, NC State College of Veterinary Medicine

For Dr. Thakur: I just heard that antibiotics are fed to pigs to make them gain weight. Is that true? Dr. Thakur: Let us review the scientific information available on this topic. As indicated in my previous response, antimicrobials are used in raising pigs and other food animal production for improving the feed efficiency, which in turn, leads to gain ... Read More »

Not enough food to feed the world, why not go vegetarian?

Tommy, Vivian

Not enough food to feed the world? Why not encourage people to eat vegetarian – meat uses so much more resources thereby decreasing the amount of food available to people. Tommy Porter: Even if this was true, meat is by far the best source of protein, making it a vital part of good nutrition and our daily diets. And what ... Read More »