Mill’s Family Farm – When are antibiotics used?

In this video, Bradley and Nicole Mills from Mill’s Family Farm discuss why and how they would use antibiotics for the treatment of sick cows, and what happens after antibiotics are administered.

Dr. Bradley Mills is a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, specifically a food-animal veterinarian with a focus on cattle. His wife, Nicole Mills, has a Master’s Degree in Agriculture, and along with Bradley’s brother, Brian and his wife Julie, the four own and manage Mills Family Farm.

They work together everyday managing farm operations, acting as cattle buyers and producers, animal-health industry educators, meat handlers, consulting veterinarian, riding teachers, equine experts and ambassadors of farming. As all farmers are, Bradley and Nicole are extremely passionate about what they do and enjoy receiving consumer questions.

They welcome the public to view their farm and they even have a store on the farm where visitors can purchase what they raise and grow! If you don’t live close to the Mooresville area don’t worry, restaurants all over North Carolina carry their beef.

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