Food For Thought

Learning at Farm Animal Days


Dr. Todd See, Head of Animal Science, NCSU, highlights the many ways students, parents and teachers learned about animal agriculture at the 2015 Farm Animal Days. This hands-on experience is a highlight for many local schools and families. Make plans to join us again next year! Other Videos from 2015 Farm Animal Days Read More »

What do NCSU vets think consumers should know?

NCSU Vet School 2

NCSU College of Veterinary Medicine’s Dr. Barrett D. Slenning discusses his work with farmers and clients up and down the food chain to help them provide what society needs. Learn more about the use of antimicrobials in livestock in this video interview. Read More »

How do NCSU vets help ensure safe milk & foods?


NCSU College of Veterinary Medicine’s Dr. Derek Foster discusses his work with both students and farmers to help ensure the health of all livestock, making sure they are producing safe and wholesome milk and foods. Check out this interview to learn more! Read More »

Dinner & A Movie


Want to celebrate NC agriculture and enjoy a great movie?  Host a “Dinner & A Movie” party for your friends. Prepare a great meal of foods that are raised and grown in North Carolina, and watch Farmland – a film that steps inside the world of farming for a first-hand glimpse into the lives of young farmers and ranchers.  Find ... Read More »